Syed Ejaz Asr

Founder-Parker Trader Link International

April 15,2000


Parker Trade Link International with its presence in the market along with its subsidiary has positioned itself as uniquely as a progressive, Dynamic and forward looking organization. We successfully introduced a unique portfolio of products and services that cater its distinguished clients with full customer satisfaction.

I am full of optimism and confidence leading the organization which appreciate its customer needs and requirements to create a fulfilling experience for them, I am sure that you will find this rapidly growing organization the ideal consultants and partners to manage your needs effectively and together we shall build a concrete business relationship.

Our vision is very clear and the team is focused and is experienced. The team has sizable hands on experience of designing and delivering the projects within prescribed time limit. We have our own well developed and monitored quality and safety policy which we adhere at all stages of execution, this is the reason we are able to deliver quality services and backup support to our valued customers


Mr S.Ejaz Asr­-Holding couple of master degrees in international Relations and business professional Analyst. He has also achieved short training intensive course in different product related to the oil and gas industries ,pipeline ,refineries and fertilizer from US, Canada, Europe, Turkey and UAE conducted by his exclusive business partners.

After spending few years with his family business Messers  Shusta and Shamber [established by his late loving father S.W Hussain in 1965], in the year 2000, he thought of laying the stone of setting up his own service and supply chain management organization and by the grace of almighty god he did by facing big and tough challenges with strong and fierce dedication within a short period of time, he established M\S Parker Trader Link international as a name to be reckoned within the upstream sectors.


Always to be the provider of not only the equipment but specialized services to the players in oil and gas and pipeline industries.


The aim of our organization has been to help create an awareness which is proud of its past, conscious of the present and full of hope for the future. At PTLI, we prioritize the needs of our customers and consequently aim to provide the highest quality products on behalf our original manufacturers.


At Parker Trader Link International, the following guiding principle help create an environment that fosters excellence, honesty and helps us create an exceptional place of work.

  1.  Integrity­­­-At the core of our value system lies integrity. Relationship are important to us and so we provide the highest standards of ethical behavior and service to our client base, employees and channel partner.
  2. Open Door policy-At PTLI, we encourage open and direct communication, sharing of information and team work between employees to meet our customers, expectations. Since communication is a key ingredient to success, we urge our employees to share their concerns,
  3. Knowledge and leadership-In tandem with our endeavor to provide our clients with the best in technology, we encourage continuous product research and the fostering of new partnerships
  4. Results Driven-we follow a solution-oriented approach to first understand the specific needs of clients and then provide them with personalized results. We succeed when our clients succeed.


With our flagship, PTLI aim to continuously service clients for all their plants and operationally urgent requirements. Here we transform needs into solutions by providing our customers with personalized service and high-level expertise. Driven by the passion to fulfill all our client needs, we offer a solution-oriented approach that fuses knowledge and care. We realize that Knowledge is power and so our product offerings are backed by extensive research. We are committed to growing the businesses and networks of all those involved with us by giving them a power way to access sophisticated solutions and consequently delivering real.


“We aim of maintain our consistency and trustworthiness for many years to come’’

We strive close cooperation with our customers and business associates based on loyalty and fair play. Rather than being content with short lived success, we aim for a long term relationship.

We are a trustworthy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Partner

‘’We keep systematically to keep one step ahead’’

We are innovative

Parker trader Link stands for continuous innovative and successful ideas  management on a large scale. What we have already achieved as a basic for  improvements in every area of group’s activities.

We encourage our workforce to think creatively and are prepared to tackle  even the most difficult technological challenge. Our decentralized corporate structure puts us in a position to react flexibly.


We greatly appreciate the degree to which our team indentify with their company We are fortunate to be able to reply on capable, highly motivating team who Remain loyal to us for few years and devote itself enthusiastically to the group’s interests.

‘’We devote all efforts to best performance’’


Our products and service must always measure upto the standard associated with the Parker Name, and to which we give top priority: the best possible Quality and effective support for our customer’s business activities.

‘’We aim at all times to fulfill our responsibility to society’’


We are convinced that we shall only achieve long term success if we remain  aware of the responsibility in all our activities